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Report (EU and other)

European reports such as She Figures, Excellence in the Making and others.

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Rachel Palmén 2014-Apr-16 Donne e Scienza Rapporto
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-14 Maximising the value of UK population cohorts. MRC Strategic Review of the Largest UK Popu...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-13 Guidelines for the Prevention of Stroke in Women
kamila_k_benova 2014-Apr-09 Waste of talents: turning private struggles into a public issue
Rachel Palmén 2014-Apr-01 Maletín de recursos género y ciencia
Rachel Palmén 2014-Mar-31 Informe Mujeres Investigadoras 2013
Rachel Palmén 2014-Mar-31 Manual el Género en la Investigación
Juliet Webster 2014-Mar-24 House of Commons - Women in scientific careers - Science and Technology Committee
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-18 Women, Work, and the Economy: Macroeconomic Gains from Gender Equity
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-18 GENDER EQUALITY AND FOOD SECURITY. Women’s Empowerment as a Tool against Hunger
Juliet Webster 2014-Mar-17 Women Active in the ICT Sector
Henrietta Dale 2014-Mar-13 Vademecum on Gender Equality in Horizon 2020
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-12 The State of Men’s Health in Europe
Henrietta Dale 2014-Mar-10 Sex Specific Medical Research: Why Women's Health Can't Wait
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-05 Conceptual framework for the analysis of the determinants of food and nutrition security
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-28 Women, men and working conditions in Europe
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-28 House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee. Women in the Workplace. First...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-28 Women in decision-making: The role of the new media for increased political participation
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-26 Gender and Development: Concepts and Definitions.