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joerg 2015-May-11 Women in science and technology. Creating sustainable careers
joerg 2015-May-11 Benchmarking policy measures for gender equality in science.
joerg 2015-May-11 Starting a debate with women scientists from post-communist countries on ethical issues
joerg 2015-May-11 Women in industrial research. Good practices in companies across Europe
joerg 2015-May-11 Women in industrial research Analysis of statistical data and good practices of companies...
joerg 2015-May-11 Women in industrial research. A wake up call for European industry
joerg 2015-May-11 Mapping the maze. Getting more women to the top in research
joerg 2015-May-11 ANNEXES - Stocktaking 10 years of "women in science" policy by the European Comm...
joerg 2015-May-11 Stocktaking 10 years of "women in science" policy by the European Commission 199...
inekeklinge 2015-May-11 Gendered Innovations. How gender analysis contributes to research : report of the expert g...
Anke@GESIS 2015-Apr-28 Gender Equality Policies in Public Research
jminguillona 2015-Apr-27 Gender Equality Index Report
joerg 2015-Apr-14 WHIST Guidelines on Gender Diversity in S&T Organisations
lhusu 2015-Mar-06 Jämställdhet i högskolan och Vetenskapsrådets forskningsstöd [Gender equality in higher ed...
lhusu 2015-Mar-06 Swedish Research Council: A gender neutral process? A qualitative study of the evaluation...
Juliet Webster 2015-Jan-06 Gender Perspectives in Case Studies Across Continents: Volume II
Henrietta Dale 2015-Jan-05 Comparing energy use by gender, age and income in some European countries
Juliet Webster 2014-Dec-10 Inclusive leadership - culture change for business success
Juliet Webster 2014-Dec-10 Tough at the Top?
kamila_k_benova 2014-Nov-30 Postavení žen v české vědě. Monitorovací zpráva za rok 2012