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arroyo_lidia 2016-Jul-12 Elsevier Foundation Awards for Early-Career Women Scientists in the Developing World
bendisci 2016-Apr-13 Exploring Quotas In Academia – Article
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2016-Jan-25 The Role of Gender in Team Collaboration and Performance
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-22 Nobel Prize for a “Computer” named Henrietta Leavitt (1868–1921)
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-16 Attrition of Women in the Biological Sciences: Workload, Motherhood, and Other Explanation...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-26 Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Madame Marie Sklodowska Curie’s Nobel Prize in Chemis...
kamila_k_benova 2015-Nov-26 Londa Schiebinger & Martina Schraudner / Interdisciplinary Approaches to Achieving Gen...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-16 Women in Cell Biology Early Career Award Medal
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-07 5 women scientists tell their stories of hard-earned success
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-07 Women in Academic Science. A Changing Landscape
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-06 A Gender Neutral Process?
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-06 Time to keep score on female scientists
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-05 Gender contributes to personal research funding success in The Netherlands
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Andrea Bossmann 2016-Jun-27 Lise Meitner Society / Lise-Meitner-Gesellschaft e.V.
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Andrea Bossmann 2016-Jun-27 I, Scientist 2017 - The conference on gender, career paths and networking
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arroyo_lidia 2016-May-27 Remembering Barbara McClintock winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology (1983)
arroyo_lidia 2016-Feb-04 Irene Curie, Facing Radioactivity for the Advancement of Medical Research
kamila_k_benova 2015-Dec-02 When women count... or how women in maths rock the science!
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-27 At Least We Have Marie Skłodowska-Curie...to encourage women in science
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-13 At Least We Have Ada Lovelace...to inspire women scientists