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UVigo Igualdade 2017-Feb-13 Scientist and Technologist Women of University of Vigo - Video Interviews
Henrietta Dale 2017-Jan-03 Single-sex schools: Could they harm your child?
arroyo_lidia 2016-Oct-18 Diversity Gaps in Computer Science: Exploring the Underrepresentation of Girls, Blacks and...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-23 Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engine...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-22 The Ada Lovelace Day Education Pack
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-10 Exploring Cross-National Differences in Gender Gaps in Education
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-10 Mathematics and science choice following introduction of compulsory study profiles into Du...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-10 Gendered study choice: a literature review. A review of theory and research into the unequ...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-09 Las mujeres en la profesión informática: historia, actualidad y retos para el futuro
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-08 Code. Debugging the gender gap (Documental)
joerg 2015-Apr-13 Ultimate Guide to Computer Science Education & Careers for Women
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UVigo Igualdade 2017-Feb-02 Elas fan Cien-Tec workshops for girls
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-27 Inspirefest 2016
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joerg 2016-Apr-29 VDE Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V.
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-09 Women Who Code (WWCode)
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-09 Girls Who Code
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-09 Girls in Tech (GIT). Women. Technology. Entrepreneurship
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-09 Techbridge
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-08 She's Coding
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arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-09 TechGirls