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Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-22 What Do We Know About Glass Ceiling Effects? A Taxonomy and Critical Review to Inform Hig...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-19 Sector-leading and innovative practice in advancing equality and diversity
Angela Townsend 2017-Jan-23 What does a physicist look like?
kamila_k_benova 2016-Dec-05 500 Women Scientists
paula.wennberg@... 2016-Oct-13 Promoting Sustainable Change
arroyo_lidia 2016-Jun-01 Work group diversity
Julia Schneider 2016-May-18 Männlich, Deutsch, MINT: Diversität als Chance für Forschung und Entwicklung in Unternehme...
Henrietta Dale 2014-Dec-16 Confronting diversity in the production of clinical evidence goes beyond merely including...
Juliet Webster 2014-Dec-10 Inclusive leadership - culture change for business success
Henrietta Dale 2014-Mar-12 How stereotypes impair women’s careers in science
Juliet Webster 2014-Feb-14 The Impact of Tuition Fees on Prospective Physics Students 2013
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joerg 2016-Oct-14 10th Biennial Gender, Work & Organization Conference
Henrietta Dale 2016-Aug-23 LERU-LU gender conference 2016, Equality in STEM-Academia?
lauralorenz 2016-Apr-21 LERU – LU gender conference 2016
Henrietta Dale 2014-Apr-14 Women in Engineering: The Challenge, one day @WES1919 conference
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landries 2016-Jul-14 DiGeSt
Julia Schneider 2016-May-18 Stifterverband
Juliet Webster 2014-Dec-10 Shapiro Consulting
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-23 Women in Engineering Pro-active Network (WEPAN)
joerg 2014-Feb-24 European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation - ATGENDER