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Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Jun-27 Negotiating Culture in the Promotion of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Latin A...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Jun-27 Dynamic Stereotypes about Women and Men in Latin America and the United States
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-30 Biosocial Construction of Sex Differences and Similarities in Behavior
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-30 The Nature–Nurture Debates: 25 Years of Challenges in Understanding the Psychology of Gend...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-18 Encyclopedia of sex and gender. Men and Women in the World's Cultures
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-18 Handbook of Gender Research in Psychology
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-14 Women Can Never “Belong” in Combat
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-08 Sex and Gender Issues. A Handbook of Tests and Measures
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-08 Gender Roles. A Handbook of Tests and Measures
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-03 Unconscious Bias in Faculty and Leadership Recruitment: A Literature Review
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-02 Gender and physics
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-02 Her physics, his physics: Gender issues in Israeli advanced placement physics classes
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Mar-28 A Case Study of Gender Bias at the Postdoctoral Level in Physics, and its Resulting Impact...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Mar-28 Sex, Space and Environmental Adaptation: A National Workshop on Research Priorities on Sex...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Mar-22 Gender Intersections and Environmental Concern
joerg 2016-May-02 Empathy: gender effects in brain and behavior.

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msainzi Social sciences, Psychology Spain Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher
glorbond Social sciences, Psychology Argentina Gender equality stakeholders, Gender networks (women’s, men's, sexuality,...)
bbiglia Social sciences, Psychology Spain Science stakeholders, Science academies
c.j.vinkenburg Social sciences, Psychology Netherlands Gender research, Women and gender studies Gender equality stakeholders, Gender equality practitioners & advisers
njane Social sciences, Psychology Spain Innovation and diversity (e.g. gender) Science stakeholders, Science- & HR managers in science
jbear Social sciences, Psychology USA Gender research
dcurbelo Social sciences, Psychology Uruguay Science stakeholders, Teachers, educators, learners
a.christoforou Social sciences, Psychology Cyprus Gender research, Social biomedical sciences (includes family planning, sexual health, psycho-oncology, political and social effects of biomedical research)
Alexandra Araújo Social sciences, Psychology Portugal Gender in clinical medicine, Gender in education
monicagrau Social sciences, Psychology Europe Gender in business and management