Vertical segregation

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lhusu 2015-Jul-02 Mathias Wullum Nielsen: New and persistent gender equality challenges in academia
Henrietta Dale 2015-Jun-25 Falling off the academic bandwagon
Laura Getz 2015-May-21 Femmes et hommes en Belgique. Statistiques et indicateurs de genre. Edition 2011
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-13 Special Eurobarometer 376 WOMEN IN DECISION-MAKING POSITIONS REPORT
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-13 Special Eurobarometer 401 Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Science and Technolog...
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-13 8 March 2011: "100th anniversary of Women's day:Fighting against gender discrimi...
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-12 Gender Equality in the European Social Fund 2007-2013
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-12 Gender balance on corporate boards > Europe is cracking the glass ceiling
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-12 eurostat newsrelease: 8 March 2014: International Women’s Day In 2012, 40% of young women...
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-12 Boosting Euality between women and men in the EU - key actions and figures
joerg 2015-May-11 Statistics in focus: Women employed in science and technology
joerg 2015-May-11 She Figures 2003
joerg 2015-May-11 She Figures 2006
joerg 2015-May-11 She Figures 2009
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-11 ADVANCE at a Glance
joerg 2015-May-11 Mapping the maze. Getting more women to the top in research
joerg 2015-May-08 Statistics in focus: Women, science and technology: Measuring recent progress towards gend...
joerg 2015-May-08 Statistics in focus: Gender gaps in the reconciliation between work and family life
Rachel Palmén 2015-May-07 Científicas en cifras 2013: Indicadores de la (des) igualdad de género en la formación y p...
jminguillona 2015-Apr-27 Gender Equality Index Report