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arroyo_lidia 2016-Jan-22 Gender Equality Commission
arroyo_lidia 2016-Jan-22 Council of Europe
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Laura Getz 2016-Jan-20 Zusammenfassung der Online-Diskussion „Familienfreundlichkeit und Vereinbarkeit in der Wis...
avellis 2016-Jan-15 Role Models for MObility of MCFA Women Scientists
Gotelind Alber 2016-Jan-14 Guidebook Gender and Urban Climate Policy
arroyo_lidia 2016-Jan-13 What Gender Is Science?
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-28 Housework Is an Academic Issue. How to keep talented women scientists in the lab, where th...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-24 Academic and Science Careers GenPORT Research Synthesis 2
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-23 Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engine...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-23 Advancing RTD through Gender-Fair Recruitment and Retention Strategies
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-22 The Ada Lovelace Day Education Pack
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-21 Gender inequality in awarded research grants
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-21 The Contradiction of the Myth of Individual Merit, and the Reality of a Patriarchal Suppor...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-16 Gender differences in research collaboration
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-14 GENDER-NET Analysis report: Award schemes, gender equality and structural change
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Henrietta Dale 2016-Jan-14 Gendered Inclusion Seminar 2: Roles, Identities and Expectations at Work
Henrietta Dale 2016-Jan-14 3rd Gender & STEM Network Conference
Henrietta Dale 2016-Jan-08 Gender Summit 8 North & Latin America
joerg 2015-Dec-21 9th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education (and Research)
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Ana Proykova 2015-Dec-20 Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology