Gender stereotypes & bias

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Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-11 Gender Equity and Renewable Energies. Thematic Background Paper for Renewables
Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-11 Gender in Food and Nutrition Security e-learning course
Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-10 CGIAR Systemwide Program on Participatory Research and Gender Analysis for Technology Deve...
Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-10 Sex and Gender Differences in Infection and Treatments for Infectious Diseases
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-10 Fitting into the stereotype: How gender-stereotyped perceptions of prototypic peers relate...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-10 Cross‐National Gender Gaps in Educational Expectations: The Influence of National‐Level Ge...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-10 Mathematics and science choice following introduction of compulsory study profiles into Du...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-10 Gendered study choice: a literature review. A review of theory and research into the unequ...
Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-10 Road-traffic injuries: confronting disparities to address a global-health problem
Nina Steinweg 2015-Dec-09 Exploring quotas in academia
arroyo_lidia 2015-Dec-07 Education and Training - GenPORT Research Synthesis 1
kamila_k_benova 2015-Nov-26 Women in Maths / University of Nottingham
kamila_k_benova 2015-Nov-26 Black Women in Mathematics
kamila_k_benova 2015-Nov-26 Kendra D. Huff / Women in Mathematics: An Historical Account of Women's Experiences a...
kamila_k_benova 2015-Nov-26 Female mathematicians
kamila_k_benova 2015-Nov-26 N. M. Else-Quest - J. Shibley Hyde - M. C. Linn / Cross-National Patterns of Gender Differ...
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-26 Nobel Prize winners: How many women have won awards?
arroyo_lidia 2015-Nov-26 Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Madame Marie Sklodowska Curie’s Nobel Prize in Chemis...
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deustogender 2015-Dec-02 Deusto Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform
kamila_k_benova 2015-Nov-26 Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)