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Laura Getz 2015-Oct-12 Best Practice-Club „Familie in der Hochschule“
Laura Getz 2015-Oct-12 Wissenschaft und Familie - Eine Dialogplattform
lhusu 2015-Jul-02 Mathias Wullum Nielsen: New and persistent gender equality challenges in academia
joerg 2015-May-11 The gender challenge in research funding. Assessing the European national scenes
kamila_k_benova 2014-Nov-30 Reclaiming a political voice: Women and Science in Central Europe
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jul-23 Does a Change in Health Research Funding Policy Related to the Integration of Sex and Gend...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-16 Sex Differences in Application, Success, and Funding Rates for NIH Extramural Programs
Henrietta Dale 2014-Mar-10 Bibliometrics: Global gender disparities in science
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-04 Gender and Climate Finance
Henrietta Dale 2014-Feb-26 Beyond Bias and Barriers Fulfilling the potential of women in academic science and enginee...
Henrietta Dale 2014-Feb-26 Differences Among Faculty Members’ Perceptions of Norms for Academic Deans
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-25 Differences in research funding for women scientists: a systematic comparison of UK invest...
Juliet Webster 2014-Feb-14 The Impact of Tuition Fees on Prospective Physics Students 2013
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-03 Eurodoc Survey I: The first Eurodoc Survey on Doctoral Candidates in Twelve European count...
joerg 2013-Aug-01 Libro blanco: Situación de las mujeres en la ciencia española
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Anke@GESIS 2013-Sep-26 genderAG im Haus der Forschung
joerg 2013-Sep-26 Instituto de la Mujer