Facts & concepts on gender inequality

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Ana Proykova 2016-Mar-07 The Bulgarian Association of University Women
glorbond 2016-Mar-03 Área de Género, Sociedad y Políticas (FLACSO-Argentina)
uroehr 2016-Feb-19 Genanet
MariaZarotiadou 2016-Feb-17 European Sustainability Academy
MariaZarotiadou 2016-Feb-17 Paris Pionnieres
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tarrigoni 2016-Mar-05 FESTA-GARCIA joint final conference
Nina Steinweg 2016-Feb-25 CEWSwiki Fachgespräch
Andrea Bossmann 2016-Feb-24 4th Women's Careers and Networks Symposium
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arroyo_lidia 2016-Mar-02 Glaciers, gender, and science A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental cha...
Henrietta Dale 2016-Feb-29 EIGE Gender Statistics Database
arroyo_lidia 2016-Feb-26 Policy Setting and Implementation - GenPORT Research Synthesis 5
Nina Steinweg 2016-Feb-25 CEWSwiki
Margaret Alston 2016-Feb-23 Gender mainstreaming and climate change
Margaret Alston 2016-Feb-23 Women and adaptation
Margaret Alston 2016-Feb-23 Social impacts of reduced water availability in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin: adaptati...
Margaret Alston 2016-Feb-23 Are climate challenges reinforcing child and forced marriage and dowry as adaptation strat...
Henrietta Dale 2016-Feb-22 Gender Indicators: What, Why and How?
Henrietta Dale 2016-Feb-19 Gender, Productivity, and Prestige in Computer Science Faculty Hiring Networks
Henrietta Dale 2016-Feb-19 Are women ‘forced’ to work closer to home due to other responsibilities? Does this contrib...
Henrietta Dale 2016-Feb-19 Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing