Coordination of resources and efforts

Refers also to lack of continuity of research; lack of systematic longitudinal studies. Deregulation and subsidiarity seems too specific.

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Henrietta Dale 2014-Jul-23 8th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education
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Jeff Hearn 2014-Jun-21 European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education
kamila_k_benova 2014-Jun-20 The Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE)
kamila_k_benova 2014-Jun-20 National Centre for the Popularization of Science and Technology in Society, Slovakia
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jun-11 Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK)
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jun-11 CIHR Institute of Gender and Health, Canada
lhusu 2014-Apr-25 Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
lhusu 2014-Apr-21 Gender Equality Unit, Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
lhusu 2014-Apr-17 Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs, Finland
kamila_k_benova 2014-Apr-08 Department of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities of the Ministry of Labour, Social Af...
kamila_k_benova 2014-Apr-07 National Innovation Office of Hungary
Henrietta Dale 2014-Apr-07 Australian Policy Online
joerg 2014-Mar-12 Institut Català de les Dones - Catalan Women's Institute
joerg 2014-Mar-10 The Helsinki Group on Women in Science
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joerg 2014-May-28 NamSor - GendRE API
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-25 WHITE PAPER on the Position of Women in Science in Spain
kamila_k_benova 2014-Apr-23 Central Information Portal / Women in Science
Rachel Palmén 2014-Mar-31 Informe Mujeres Investigadoras 2013
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-18 GENDER EQUALITY AND FOOD SECURITY. Women’s Empowerment as a Tool against Hunger
Henrietta Dale 2014-Mar-13 Vademecum on Gender Equality in Horizon 2020