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lhusu 2014-Jun-20 Gexcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jun-11 For Women in Science
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jun-11 Elsevier Foundation - New Scholars Programme,
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jun-11 Portia Ltd
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-23 American Physiological Society
lhusu 2014-Apr-17 Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs, Finland
Henrietta Dale 2014-Apr-11 Nelly Stromquist (indivdual)
joerg 2014-Apr-03 Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI)
joerg 2014-Mar-25 Robert Bosch Stiftung
joerg 2014-Mar-21 UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
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namsor 2014-May-28 NamSor Gender API
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-May-23 Sexual Dimorphism in Body Composition Across Human Populations: Associations with Climate...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-May-09 How can gender equity be addressed through health systems?
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-21 Sex/Gender aspects in biomedical research.
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-21 A Growing Role for Gender Analysis in Air Pollution Epidemiology
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-18 Gender and Fisheries & Aquaculture
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-18 Women, Work, and the Economy: Macroeconomic Gains from Gender Equity
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-12 Indicators for Sustainable Development Goals
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-05 Conceptual framework for the analysis of the determinants of food and nutrition security
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Mar-05 If women hold up half the sky, how much of the world’s food do they produce?