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giulia.zacchia@... 2018-Apr-19 Inet YSI Workshop @ IAFFE 27th Annual Conference
Henrietta Dale 2015-Jan-26 6th FPR-UCLA Interdisciplinary Conference - A Critical Moment: Sex/Gender Research at the...
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Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-14 Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute
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Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Mar-22 Gender Intersections and Environmental Concern
Henrietta Dale 2016-Dec-15 C. Megan Urry, Peering Into Universe, Spots Bias on the Ground
Henrietta Dale 2016-Aug-24 Harvey Mudd College took on gender bias and now more than half its computer-science majors...
Henrietta Dale 2016-Mar-30 Number of Women in Physics Departments: A Simulation Analysis
Henrietta Dale 2016-Mar-30 GENDER EQUITY: Stengthening the Physics Enterprise in Universities and Laboratories
Henrietta Dale 2016-Mar-30 The Effect of Introducing Biographical Material on Women Scientists into the Introductory...
Henrietta Dale 2016-Mar-30 Factors that affect the physical science career interest of female students: Testing five...
AurélieBlaser 2015-Aug-19 Does Science Promote Women? Evidence from Academia 1973–2001
AurélieBlaser 2015-Aug-19 Can mentoring help female assistant professors? Interim Results from a randomized trial
AurélieBlaser 2015-Aug-18 The Economics of Gender Differences in Employment Outcomes in Academia
AurélieBlaser 2015-Jul-31 Does Science Discriminate against Women? Evidence from Academia, 1973–97
AurélieBlaser 2015-Jul-28 Are men shortchanged on health? Perspective on life expectancy, morbidity, and mortality i...

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jbear Social sciences, Psychology USA Gender research
klepillez Social sciences, Humanities USA Gender in business and management, Gender in education Gender equality stakeholders, Gender networks (women’s, men's, sexuality,...)
hfalk1 Interdisciplinary USA Gender in biochemistry and molecular biology, Gender in engineering and technology Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher
r6vanessa USA
jdancova USA Gender in arts