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Basak Kisakurek 2018-Mar-22 Baltic Gender
joerg 2017-Nov-22 Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment
sabinagp 2017-Mar-10 Data collection to the professorships with a full or partial denomination for Women's...
sabinagp 2017-Mar-10 Database for Gender Studies, Margherita von Brentano Center, Freie Universität Berlin
joerg 2016-Nov-09 Unifying innovative efforts of European research centres to achieve gender equality in aca...
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Andrea Bossmann 2018-Mar-20 I, Scientist Satellite Workshop Day
Andrea Bossmann 2018-Mar-20 22. Deutsche Physikerinnentagung
Andrea Bossmann 2018-Mar-20 Public Panel Discussion
Andrea Bossmann 2018-Mar-20 Women in Science Slam
Andrea Bossmann 2018-Mar-20 I, Scientist 2018
arroyo_lidia 2018-Jan-24 10th European Feminist Research Conference
Maria Olivella-... 2017-Dec-20 Spring Academy "The Automaton of Capital, Philosophy and, Patriarchy: On the Tautolog...
Maria Olivella-... 2017-Sep-26 Engendering Environment. Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Impact Assessment in Environmenta...
kempf 2017-Sep-21 Konferenz GEWINN (Gender&IT'18)
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arroyo_lidia 2018-Mar-14 EFFORTI Comparative Background Report on contextual enviroments for gender equality in RT...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-18 Female Doctors in Conflict: How Gendering Processes in German Hospitals Influence Female P...
Laura Getz 2016-Dec-19 FESTA project: Gender-sensitive Design of Criteria and Recruitment, Appointment and Promot...
Minna.Salminen@... 2016-Oct-27 Raising Organizational Awareness
Minna.Salminen@... 2016-Oct-27 Excellence and Gender in the Working Environment.
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sabinagp 2017-Mar-10 Margherita von Brentano Center for Gender Studies

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Name Scientific discipline Country Area of Gender Expertise Stakeholder group
Anke@GESIS Social sciences, Sociology Germany Gender in political sciences Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher
Nina Steinweg Social sciences, Law Germany Gender in law, criminology and penology Gender equality stakeholders
uroehr Engineering and technology, Agricultural and environmental sciences Germany Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
Andrea Bossmann Natural sciences Germany Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
lauralorenz Social sciences, Educational sciences Germany Science stakeholders, Teachers, educators, learners
shedtke Humanities, Philosophy, ethics and religion Germany
Gotelind Alber Natural sciences, Physical sciences Germany Gender in climatic research Gender equality stakeholders
Julia Schneider Social sciences, Economics and business Germany Gender, Gender in business and management Science stakeholders
sabinagp Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Germany Science stakeholders
Lisa Kamlade Germany Gender equality stakeholders