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joerg 2015-May-08 Special Eurobarometer 428: Gender Equality
joerg 2015-May-08 Science, technology and innovation in Europe - 2013 edition
joerg 2015-May-08 Statistics in focus: Women, science and technology: Measuring recent progress towards gend...
joerg 2015-May-08 Statistics in focus: Gender gaps in the reconciliation between work and family life
joerg 2015-May-08 Statistics in focus: Measuring gender differences among Europe’s knowledge workers
Anke@GESIS 2015-Apr-28 Gender Equality Policies in Public Research
lhusu 2015-Mar-06 Jämställdhet i högskolan och Vetenskapsrådets forskningsstöd [Gender equality in higher ed...
lhusu 2015-Mar-06 Swedish Research Council: A gender neutral process? A qualitative study of the evaluation...
agonzalezram 2015-Feb-20 Beyond the Glass Ceiling
Laura Getz 2014-Dec-10 WIM'O - Wissenschaftsmanagement Online
Marcela Linkova 2014-Nov-30 newsLetter / National Contact Centre for Gender and Science
Henrietta Dale 2014-Oct-07 EvaRID: A 50th Percentile Female Rear Impact Dummy FE Model
Juliet Webster 2014-Sep-02 Women and IT Scorecard 2014
Created by Post date Title
joerg 2015-May-08 Eurostat - Your key to European statistics
inekeklinge 2015-Apr-09 European Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH)
joerg 2014-Jul-04 Frauenhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.V.
joerg 2014-Jul-04 genderSTE - Science, Technology, Environment
lhusu 2014-Apr-25 Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
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inekeklinge 2015-Apr-09 European Gender Medicine (EUGenMed)
joerg 2014-Nov-26 Gender in EU-funded Research - Toolkit and Training

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Name Scientific discipline Country Area of Gender Expertise Stakeholder group
lhusu Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Europe Gender in business and management, Gender in engineering and technology Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
RRITools Europe Gender in aeronautics
gigi guizzo Social sciences, Humanities Europe Gender in arts Gender equality stakeholders
heidizach Social sciences, Sociology Europe Gender research, Innovation and diversity (e.g. gender) Gender equality stakeholders, Gender equality practitioners & advisers
jthomas123 Europe
RoseC Social sciences, Economics and business Europe Gender, Gender in business and management Science stakeholders, Teachers, educators, learners
Regina Fehring Europe Gender equality stakeholders
Athena-Maria Social sciences, Humanities Europe Gender in computer sciences, Gender in social sciences Policy stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders
monicagrau Social sciences, Psychology Europe Gender in business and management
catharinahaller Social sciences, Sociology Europe Policy stakeholders, Gender equality policy makers