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Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-25 Engineering a gender bias
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-19 The Pathway Forward: Creating Gender Inclusive Leadership in Mining and Resources
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Mar-28 Sex differences in the shoulder joint position sense acuity: a cross-sectional study
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Mar-28 Physical Exposures in Work Commonly Done by Women
Henrietta Dale 2016-Aug-01 What a Difference Sex and Gender Make
Laura Getz 2016-May-30 Sex, Gender and Health Research Guide: A Tool for CIHR Applicants
Elaine Enarson 2016-Feb-09 Sex and Gender Differences in Extreme Heat Events: Building a Collaborative Knowledge Bas...
Henrietta Dale 2014-Oct-23 Communication Clash: Gender and Generational Effects on Communication in the Workplace
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jul-23 Does a Change in Health Research Funding Policy Related to the Integration of Sex and Gend...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Apr-24 Understanding sex/gender cardiovascular disease
Henrietta Dale 2014-Mar-10 Bibliometrics: Global gender disparities in science
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-21 Sex, Gender and Chemicals Factoring Women into Canada’s chemicals Management Plan
Henrietta Dale 2014-Feb-12 Error Rates in Breast Imaging Reports: Comparison of Automatic Speech Recognition and Dict...
Henrietta Dale 2014-Feb-12 Robust Gender-Dependent Acoustic-Phonetic Modelling In Continuous Speech Recognition Based...
Rachel Palmén 2014-Feb-03 Practising Gender Equality in Science - Good Practice Database
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joerg 2015-Jun-13 Promoting gender equality in research institutions and the integration of the gender dimen...
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INWES 2015-May-12 International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES)
Henrietta Dale 2014-Jun-11 CIHR Institute of Gender and Health, Canada
Henrietta Dale 2014-Apr-14 NSERC - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Created by Post date Title
Juliet Webster 2014-Jul-21 13th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities 'From the ‘Digital...

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Name Scientific discipline Country Area of Gender Expertise Stakeholder group
Amber Fletcher Agricultural and environmental sciences, Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries Canada Gender in climatic research, Gender in social sciences
ackersan Social sciences, Other discipline Canada Gender in education, Gender in social sciences Science stakeholders, Teachers, educators, learners
ruby heap Humanities, Interdisciplinary Canada Women and gender studies Policy stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders
sadamo Natural sciences, Biological sciences Canada Gender in biology Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher