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Ecsite 2018-May-16 Kids4wearables: Train-the-trainer-workshop, Austria
Ecsite 2018-Mar-02 Welcome to Vienna‘s Citizen Science Café!
Karin Grasenick 2018-Jan-17 STS Conference / Session: So, you’ve got talent? - scientific career development beyond st...
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arroyo_lidia 2018-Mar-14 EFFORTI Comparative Background Report on contextual enviroments for gender equality in RT...
shedtke 2017-Mar-14 National Action Plan: Gender Equality in the Labour Market (Austria)
shedtke 2017-Mar-14 Work Programme of the Austrian Federal Government (2013 - 2018)
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Austrian National Action Plan for Researchers
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Strategie der Bundesregierung für Forschung, Technologie und Innovation - National Strateg...
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Hochschulgesetz 2005 (HschG) - University Act (Austria)
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Bundesfinanzgesetz (BFG) 2013 - Federal Finance Law (Austria)
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Bundes-Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (B-GBG) - Federal Equal Treatment Act (Austria)
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Bundeshaushaltsgesetz (BHG) 2013 - Federal Budget Act (Austria)
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegegesetz (GuKG) - Care Allowance Act (Austria)
Laura Getz 2017-Mar-13 Pflegereform 2011/2012 - Care Allowance Reform (Austria)
Henrietta Dale 2016-Aug-01 Studying Gender Bias in Physics Grading: The role of teaching experience and country
arroyo_lidia 2016-Jul-18 Gender-balance in decision-making: How to innovate? - GenPORT Policy Brief 20
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joerg 2017-Nov-22 Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment
sabinagp 2017-Mar-10 Data collection to the professorships with a full or partial denomination for Women's...
joerg 2016-Dec-19 Evaluation Framework for Promoting Gender Equality in Research and Innovation
joerg 2016-Nov-09 Unifying innovative efforts of European research centres to achieve gender equality in aca...

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Sybille Reidl Social sciences, Sociology Austria Gender in business and management, Gender in engineering and technology
schwarz_woelzl Social sciences Austria Women and gender studies Science stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders
Karin Grasenick Natural sciences, Engineering and technology Austria Gender Science stakeholders, Teachers, educators, learners
elpark Social sciences, Other social sciences Austria Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher
florian holzinger Social sciences Austria Gender research, Innovation and diversity (e.g. gender) Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher
Bente Knoll Engineering and technology, Civil engineering Austria Gender Science stakeholders, Teachers, educators, learners